Friday, August 21, 2015

The State of Montana ABUSES the power of the Protective Order to Chill Speech and COVER UP Corruption; Year after Year.

STOP the State of Montana from Using Protective orders against Anti-Corruption bloggers, online speakers, to chill speech, shut down blogs, stop the free flow of information, and retaliate against whistleblowers.

No matter how you look at it, it is unconstitutional to get a Protective Order to chill online speech in which is griping about you, reporting on you, making fun of you or simply posting your name. The State of Montana used this to silence my (Crystal Cox's) blogs, and to silence Montana anti-corruption blogger Michael Spreadbury and now Anti-Corruption Blogger and Film Producer, Lawless America Bill Windsor.

In the EXTREME constitutional rights violating case of film producer, anti-corruption blogger Bill Windsor case we see severe Human Rights violations, Civil Rights Violations and flat out lies to jail this reporter and for allegedly tweeting the name of a man who allegedly tried to kill him and did threaten and harass him for years. We see a man jailed for a Protective Order that did not exist and the State of Montana protecting the University of Montana and a known stalker, and all to cover up corruption in the state of Montana.

It is NOT lawful to use a Protective Order to Chill Speech. 

It is our First Amendment right to Tweet, to blog, to report, to review, to gripe and it is not the State of Montana that has a right over our Free Speech to do so. Yet Montana uses Protective Orders for every dirty deed they want, as they can sneak in jurisdiction, they can put whatever terms they want to in the order, and they can shut up, shut down or suppress any blogger for any reason.

On the Matter of Montana having Super Powers of Jurisdiction over an alleged online Tweet allegedly from Texas by a South Dakota resident. How did this really happen?

If it were civil it would be  diversity of citizenship under 28 U.S.C.

Protective Orders have some super power, and the state of Montana abuses that power. The power that was meant to protect those really in danger, mostly woman from their ex-husbands and occasionally men and children from woman. It was not mean to SUPPRESS or CHILL speech or to violate our First Amendment Rights but that is exactly what the State of Montana unconstitutionally uses the law for.

I do not believe that Missoula MT has subject matter jurisdiction, or personal jurisdiction over Bill Windsor in this case. Windsor was never a Montana Resident and this alleged crime did not happen in Montana, not on Montana servers and not in the state of Montana.

"Once a court determines that it has subject matter jurisdiction, it must find at least one defendant over which it is “fair” (i.e., in accord with due process) to exercise personal jurisdiction."

Yes the above is Civil, however, keep in mind that Bill Windsor will have to file diversity in a Federal Court should he choose to sue all of these Montana agencies and individuals who have tortuously interfered with his business, violated his civil and constitutional rights, falsely imprisoned him and caused him immeasurable and irreparable harm.

Believe me, the sum will be well over $75,000 it will be millions upon millions.

Anyway, does Montana have jurisdiction over ALL of you out there tweeting? or reporting on Montana events, weather, politicians or even CORRUPTION?

Well they seem to think that if they don't like what you say, that they can get an UNCONSTITUTIONAL protective order granted to whomever you are reporting truthfully on, and then if you continue reporting, or exercising your First Amendment rights then they will come and get you in ANY state, drag you back to Montana and put you in THEIR JAIL and their Jurisdiction, completely against your will.  YEP TRUE STORY.

So if the ALLEGED Crime was committed Allegedly in Texas then doesn't Texas have Jurisdiction? And if so is this not a Federal case as the alleged victim is in Montana?

There was no actual injury or actual damages, and well there was no protective order and no tweet from the defendant and no crime, yet the State of Montana pursue's Bill Windsor.

For  your Study

So did Montana use this:

"Full Faith and Credit Provisions

In addition to enforcing protective orders issued within a state, law enforcement agencies and state courts also must recognize orders issued in another state or jurisdiction.26 The full faith and credit provisions of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) require that every temporary or final injunction, protective order, or restraining order properly issued by a state court be given full faith and credit by courts in every other state"

How did Montana get Texas to arrest a man for posting online about Montana Corruption? How did Montana get Idaho to arrest that same man? I mean the Full Faith and Credit Provision is for battered spouses right? Not Tweeters.

In this Montana Case there was no CRIME, and there was false testimony regarding the existence of a possible crime. There was no protective order in place, yet Missoula County Montana jailed an innocent journalist, anti-corruption blogger for posting online about the University of Montana and Montana Corruption connected.


We will not let one Corrupt State VIOLATE the Constitutional Rights of us all with BOGUS, unlawful, Speech Chilling ABUSE of protective orders.

The State of Montana uses Radical, Unconstitutional Methods
to SILENCE Bloggers (Journalists) who expose their way of life, their culture of corruption, 
their corrupt judges and attorneys, corrupt cops and detectives and attempt to 
expose what really goes on within the walls of the University of Montana.

The Bill Windsor case on Top of the VERY same action
that the State of Montana took against anti-corruption bloggers 
Michael Spreadbury and Crystal Cox is 

All Montana Judges, Cops, Detectives, County Attorneys, Senators, 
Attorney Generals, Governors and all involved WILL be named
in a Criminal RICO Complaint.

The Conspiring and the Same Pattern and History to Cover up 
Corruption in Montana is now, more then ever, EASY to Prove.

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