Monday, June 1, 2015

Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark, Detective Chris Shermer and the Missoula Police seem to not care at all about the Civil Rights or Human Rights of Bill Windsor; No Surprise to me.

"Lawless America Website down May 31, 2015 following an attack on the Internet Service Provider

Bill Windsor reports that the Lawless America Website was down all day May 31, 2015 following an attack on the site's Internet Service Provider in Iceland.

Rumor has it that it was either ISIS or the Joeyisalittlekid Gang...

I hope it wasn't an attack directed at us, though we have experienced this before.  It is interesting that this was coupled with some type of problem with my email.

I spent my weekend working on filings for the Tenth Court of Appeals in Waco, Texas.  Among other things, the court is claiming that it did not receive several filings that I mailed from jails.

Still can't fully shake being sick.  Queazy stomach, headache, and dizziness remain constants.  I need to find a local doctor to get a second opinion on my earthquake-like hand tremors.  In Idaho, I was told it is just claustrophobia-induced.  I still shake as badly as I did in maximum security.  It's probably just stress-induced, but it is very pronounced.

Waiting to hear the new trial date here in Missoula Montana.  Plans to be made once I know how much time there is to prepare for trial.  If the trial isn't until September, I will have breathing room so I can leave here for a bit to visit some friends and try to get a little R&R.

Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark is to advise me this week as to when I get to interview the witnesses against me.  I look forward to learning how they can prove that I sent a Tweet, an email to an attorney, or published two articles online.  And I really look forward to exploring the non-existent police investigation into these dastardly crimes.

Responses to my Freedom of Information requests are what I most look forward to.

Some people have been critical of me for writing about what's happening with me.  I NEED some volunteers who will publish on  I've asked and conducted training sessions in the past, but folks never panned out.  If you would like to be an editor here, please email me at  I can also use an editor for the Facebook Page.  I'd love to get something set up now so that should I end up in prison, we can continue getting content out online.  And if a few folks want to form a committee to handle completion of the film if I am sent to The Big House, this is also very important."


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