Friday, May 8, 2015

Ravalli County Will Be Broke after a False Arrest Lawsuit one day by Bill Windsor. I have read many cases where Plaintiffs get 100's of thousands of dollars for every minute falsely imprisoned.

Clearly Missoula County and Ravalli County are acting way outside the Constitutional Rights of Anti-Corruption film producer Bill Windsor.

Montana seems to thing they are a State above the Constitutional Rights of citizens in Montana and in other states whom they simply go and get and arrest. Especially if those citizens of other states are blogging about corruption in the State of Montana.

What Bill Windsor of Lawless America has said about Montana Corruption, Montana Courts, Montana Judges, Montana Law Enforcement and the University of Montana is 100% true. The exact same thing happened to me as a then, Montana Resident and 4th generation Montana Native.

Ravalli County, Lincoln County, and Missoula County all conspired in using a Protective Order to SUPPRESS the Speech and stop the flow of information of an investigative Blogger, myself and another Montana anti-corruption blogger Michael Spreadbury. And now they have imprisoned well known anti-corruption film producer William Windsor.

Montana is NOT really above the Law and this case will one day be seen in the daylight as Montana Corrupt Judges and other high officials hate to see. And then, who knows, maybe Montana will go broker paying a False Imprisonment Lawsuit.

Under federal civil rights law, specifically, 42 U.S.C. s. 1983.  Other laws may apply in certain situations, but Section 1983 is the main federal law used by civil rights plaintiffs, in these cases.

There WILL be a Civil Rights Lawsuit against the State of Montana and several counties, and possibly, hopefully federal indictments, as we have a CLEAR record of pattern and history.

Oh unless Missoula County has a Death By Cop, as Ravalli County Judge, Judge James Haynes is in charge of Missoula County inmate Bill Widndsor. And WOW, no standard of practice of law at all. Ravalli COUNTY Judge with Jurisdiction over a Missoula County inmate, REALLY? WOW and the same Judge that did the same thing to me, Crystal Cox.

So if they kill Bill Windsor, then Montana will have a wrongful Death Legal action brought by those in business with Bill Windsor or related to Bill. Either way, all this Violations of Civil and Constitutional Rights WILL not be swept under the proverbial matter. No matter how many of us Montana jails, has protective orders against, harasses, bullies, threatens and intimidates.

Federal CIVIL Rights TRUMPS Organized Crime among Judges and Law Official in the State of Montana. Good Job Jailing Bill. NOW the World will see you ALL in the Daylight of Justice.

A Few Resources on Wrongful Death Lawsuits

This same individual could bring an action under 42 U.S.C. §1983 (“1983”) for violation of his constitutional rights. A 1983 action allows a lawsuit for damages against any official acting under color of state law who deprives the plaintiff of a constitutional right.6 Some individuals seek to have a private bill enacted by the state legislature entitling that particular person to compensation for wrongful incarceration.

 (Feb-3-08); Wrongful Imprisonment and Conviction Man awarded $3.5 million
Wrongful Imprisonment and Conviction Man awarded $3.5 million after spending 15 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. (Jan-14-08)

The State of Montana is Seriously Negligent in the Case of Bill Windsor

"The Non-fatal Offence against the Person Act 1997 provides that a person shall be guilty of false imprisonment who intentionally or recklessly:

( a ) takes or detains, or

( b ) causes to be taken or detained,

( c ) otherwise restricts the personal liberty of another without the other person’s consent.

In civil Law false imprisonment is defined as “The unlawful and total restraint of the personal liberty of another, whether by constraining him or compelling him to go a particular place and confining him in a prison or police station or private place or by detaining him against his will in a public place”.

The essential element of the offence is the unlawful detention of the person.   Where a person intentionally or recklessly inflicts emotional suffering on another he may be guilty of a legal wrong and that person can be entitled to seek damages.   The Courts in Ireland have long upheld the rights of persons who have been wrongfully imprisoned or arrested to be entitled to large awards.   Under the European Convention of Human Rights Act 2003 which has now been implemented into Irish Law, this gives further protection to people who are the victims of wrongful imprisonment."

Civil Claims for maltreatment, abuse, wrongful imprisonment
A party owed a duty of care to another and 2. That party breached their duty of care (i.e. were negligent) causing loss, damage or injury to another, the law of negligence may offer a remedy.

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