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Bill Windsor is demanding an investigation of Montana Corruption by Montana State Legislature

''Bill Windsor has demanded an investigation of Montana Corruption by the Montana State Legislature.
Bill Windsor believes Montana is the most corrupt state in America. 
Bill has sent a personal letter to each member of the Montana State Legislature asking them to act now.
Here is Bill Windsor's letter to each member of the Montana State Legislature:
Dear Montana State Legislator:
Did you pass a law in Montana eliminating freedom of speech?
I could be headed to the Montana State Prison for life for the horrific crimes of emailing, Tweeting, and having a website.  Emailing, Tweeting, and having a website wouldn't be so bad normally, but when it is exposing corruption and criminals in Montana, the judges would give me the death penalty if they could
You can read about these ridiculous charges here -- 66-year-old Filmmaker faces Prison in Montana for Emailing, Tweeting, and having a Website --
The charges against me are all for things that are Constitutionally-protected rights by both the Montana and U.S. Constitutions.
Please don't ignore this or say criminal matters or judicial matters are not within your jurisdiction.  The simple truth is that unless you act, Montana will proceed to void the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of the press through corrupt law enforcement and judicial acts.  Your oath of office pledges allegiance to the Constitutions, so I respectfully submit that your oath requires you to act in this matter.
I haven't committed any crimes - EVER.  I am 66-years-old, never arrested, never charged with a crime, not even a traffic or parking ticket in 15 years.  I am the victim of the largest case of defamation in U.S. history, and one of the ringleaders is a University of Montana employee whose name Missoula County Montana Judge John W. Larson claims I am not allowed to print. Sean Boushie Sean Boushie Sean Boushie.  Oops, six more years in prison.
Surely this must be one of the most outrageous cases ever in Montana.  I have been charged with three felonies and two misdemeanors in an action that essentially mean Montana law enforcement and Montana courts have voided the Constitutional right of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.
The first two crimes I am charged with are for printing two legal documents online that contained the name of the University of Montana employee who is a defendant in a lawsuit that I have pending in Ellis County Texas.  Sean Boushie. (I didn't print them intentionally, and I removed them as soon as I learned of this, but the idea that you can't print someone’s name is beyond ridiculous and to say you can't print someone’s name in a legal document where it is necessary to do so...well, there isn’t even a word to describe how outrageous this is.) 
The third crime (a felony) is for sending an email with a required service copy of a notice of filing an affidavit to Claudia Denker-Eccles, counsel for the University of Montana who represents a defendant in a federal lawsuit that I filed against the University and the employee, Sean Boushie. Now how ridiculous is this!
The fourth crime (a felony) is for not giving the University of Montana employee my TV show website (a property right that no one should ever have to give, and something that no one ever asked me to give up).  Sean Boushie.  
My fifth crime (a felony) is for allegedly sending a Tweet with the name of the University of Montana employee defendant in a lawsuit (but I didn't send a Tweet -- automatic Tweets may be generated by people who post on certain websites or Facebook pages, but I do like the idea of the news release I am preparing to issue that says a Senior Citizen has been charged with a felony in Missoula, Montana for sending a man's two-word name in a Tweet).  Sean Boushie.
So, I may die in the Montana State Prison for printing a man’s name five times, sending one legally-required email, and having a website that supports a television show that I filmed in Missoula.  Seven (7) years in prison and $7,000 in fines is whatMissoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst and Jennifer Clark are seeking for the five alleged crimes -- all clearly protected by the First Amendment.
I believe the University of Montana employee (Sean Boushie) is paid to cyberstalk people, including me.  Sean Boushie is protected by law enforcement and the courts. Sean Boushie has viciously cyberstalked me for two years, has threatened me dozens of times, and has posted over 600 false, harassing, and/or defamatory statements online about me.  Sean Boushie attempted to kill me as I drove from Butte to Missoula in August 2013, and he sent me an email taking credit for the shooting.  But law enforcement and the courts ignored it all.  Missoula County Montana Judge John W. Larson definitely has some type of special relationship with him because he has issued orders that are in complete violation of the laws of Montana and the United States Constitution.  This criminal action is an effort to destroy me and my movie.  It actually gives me a socko ending for the movie, but, all things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia...or anywhere but a Montana prison.
There is no protective order for me to have violated.  There was an outrageous temporary order of protection issued on August 21, 2013 based upon perjury by the University of Montana employee, Sean Boushie, but it expired, and there was never a hearing held to convert it to a permanent order of protection as is required by Montana law. 
Even if there was a protection order in place, Montana protective orders are valid only in Montana.  The Interstate Enforcement of Domestic Violence Protection Orders Actstates that ex parte orders of protection are not valid in any other state. I did not do anything I am accused of in Montana.  I have been in Texas where a protective order from another state is valid only if Texas issues one.  The University of Montana employee (Sean Boushie) tried to get that, but he failed.  And the guy is a criminal (Sean Boushie) -- having violated many, many Montana criminal statutes with me and others. 
This whole thing is beyond ludicrous.
The Office of the Governor of Texas has issued a Governor’s Warrant for my arrest for Tweeting, emailing, and publishing the name “Sean Boushie,” all of which were done in Texas where nothing that I did is against any law.
The Motion to Quash Bench Warrant that I filed in Missoula Montana Case # DC-14-509 details dozens of reasons why this whole thing is illegal, wrong, corrupt, etc.
I have proof of serious crimes in Montana. Please investigate.
Please investigate Missoula County Montana Judge John W. Larson. You will find that there was no legal or factual basis for what he has done to me.  Please investigate the Montana Supreme Court.  How corrupt are the justices to rule that I may not publish the name “Sean Boushie?”  How could they let the judges in the lower courts get away with their outrageous acts to protect Sean Boushie?
Please investigate Ravalli County Justice of the Peace Jim Bailey and Ravalli County Judge James A. Haynes for their outrageous actions to protect Sean Boushie.
Please investigate the Missoula Municipal Court judges and the staff of the Clerk of the Court for their outrageous actions to protect Sean Boushie and damage me.
Please investigate former Missoula County Attorney Fred Van and Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, Assistant Jennifer Clark, and Legal Intern Tyler Dugger. How could they approve pursuing criminal charges against me for matters that are clearly protected by the Constitutions while they let rapists run wild and free?
Please investigate the University of Montana and its connections to criminal activities.  Why did President Royce Engstrom place a gag order on all University professors and employees to not speak with me about whether the University of Montana employs people like Sean Boushie to cyberstalk, harass, threaten, and attempt to murder people?  Why would University counsel Claudia Denker-Eccles file criminal charges against me for sending her a legal service copy required by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure?  Please investigate Chief Gary Taylor and the University of Montana Police Department, and I suspect you will find corruption galore.  They clearly work to cover-up the crimes of Sean Boushie.
And last but not least, please investigate the hundreds of crimes of Sean Boushie. for much more information and evidence.

I am currently in hiding trying to avoid being stopped by the police for anything because I will be taken to jail on this bogus Montana warrant that shows up on every police warrants screen in America.  They even printed up a WANTED POSTER for me!  Wanted in Montana for Tweeting.  You can see my WANTED POSTER and more at
Bill Windsor aka "Montana" 
(I was given the nickname "Montana" when I spent 53 days in jail as a political prisoner on the charges of Tweeting.) 

For those who don’t know, the short story is this: Bill Windsor set out to film a movie exposing government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption.  He traveled to every state (except Alaska), and he filmed over 750 stories of corruption and has thousands more who wanted to be filmed.  Evil people, some working for various government entities and committing crimes, set out to destroy Bill Windsor and the movie, Lawless America.  Bill Windsor has been defamed online in the largest case of defamation in U.S. history.  His life has been threatened many times.  A UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEESean Boushie, attempted to murder him.  He was put into the Ellis County Texas Jail illegally for 53 days as a political prisoner.  The State of Montana has filed five criminal charges against William M. Windsor for sending a Tweet, publishing theUNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE's name (the would-be killer Sean Boushie) four times, sending a legal notice email to a University of Montana attorney, and filming the movie and the pilot for a TV show that will expose Montana as the most corrupt state in the country.  In a recent development, “law enforcement” had removed from the Internet.  This website contains over 1,400 articles exposing corruption.  Bill Windsor worked with a friendly offshore hosting company to return the website to the Internet outside the clutches of American evildoers.  He wasn't so lucky when Facebook removed the movie page falsely claiming it promoted nudity, pornography, and solicitation of sex ... or when AT&T canceled the email that he used on everything related to the movie for years falsely claiming he violated their Terms of Service.
Bill Windsor will continue to have a short article published every morning and every night so you will know he is still as “free” as one can be in Lawless America. That’s where we live.
For more information, see:
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If you don't know the story of Bill Windsor's illegal incarceration, please read it.  Part 1 is the background to the story.  Part 2 discusses when Bill Windsor was handcuffed and taken to jail from a hearing in a civil suit that he filed against the people who have viciously defamed him in what is the largest case of defamation in U.S. history.  Part 3 details early days in jail and attempts to get someone/anyone to help; the conspiracy to keep William M. Windsor in jail begins to come to light.  Part 4 covers events from November 26, 2014 through December 2, 2014 as the corruption of Judge Bob Carroll erupts in full bloomPart 5 introduces Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson as a corrupt district attorney.  Part 6 leads to a December 19, 2014 at which Bill Windsor was ordered released by Judge Cindy Ermatinger.  Bill Windsor was never arrested, just illegally incarcerated for 53 days -- a political prisoner!
If you want to reach Bill Windsor, his home address is 110 East Center Street #1213, Madison, SD 57042.  That mail gets forwarded to him once a week.  His email  His phone is 770-578-1094, but it is not answered; messages are checked by dialing in to Verizon from a state far, far away, and Bill receives an email with the name, number, and one sentence summary of each message.
For the Lawless America videos, see  Bill Windsor's Facebook page is

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