Sunday, February 10, 2013

Open Letter to Gmail, Google Email Regarding Identity Theft, Hate Crimes, Criminal Endangerment, Cyber Stalking and Constant Threats from Sean Boushie"


Please accept this as a formal complaint against

I have sent a number of cease and desist notices to Sean Boushie and his
various aliases.  He also uses the names and emails such as John Smith,
Crystal Cox, CrystalCoxisaBitch, CrystalCoxVictimsGroup,, and others.

In addition to me, this man has sent messages to my wife and son, and they
have also sent him a cease and desist notice.

In this email, he threatens them with jail and financial ruin.  He has been
informed NUMEROUS TIMES that my wife does not own, and my
son's company does not host  The website has been
and is hosted by GoDaddy.  Yet he persists in lies, slander, defamation,
harassment, and cyberstalking.

He claims he is suing my wife and son, and he is doing so with full
knowledge that to do so is a malicious lawsuit in violation of Georgia

I have filed criminal charges against Sean Boushie in Georgia and Montana,
and the U.S. Government, DC, and Virginia police were given the details, his
photo, and detailed information about his criminal acts.

This article has a lot of detail about Sean Boushie:

Please terminate all of his accounts.

William M. Windsor

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