Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hamilton Montana Wildfires

In a place struggling to survive, Hamilton Montana now has unhealthy air to add to its problems.  Dont try to call on your cell phone, it is a crime to do so in a city who cant even complete the paperwork to be an incorporated city in Montana.

The public officials abuse the people who pay for their salary, but cannot figure this plain truth out.

They hope for business, they hope for tourism, but gain nothing but more empty stores.

The biggest game in the Ravalli County area is politics.  How big of a sign can I put in my pasture, my yard, or elsewhere.  How much fussing can I do about nothing, because all governments in Hamilton, MT are not following Montana law.

Hamilton claims 1894 as incorporation, but have no paperwork to prove it.  Ravalli County was started in 1893 but needed a county seat incorporated at time it began.  OOPS.

Impersonation of public officials.....FELONY.

Public Fraud............#1 criminal priority of the FBI (million in fraudulent taxes collected per year).

Well then, if you can breathe in Hamilton, MT good for you.  Payback for abusing your taxpayers, putting them in jail with a felon, Angela Wetzsteon practiced law as a law student.

George Corn, county attorney who did whatever he wanted, enough to where we wrote to the US President to establish our civil rights, and were ignored.

Harassed by the law enforcement, who did not want up uphold the law, or be respectful of residents.  Perhaps you too want to live here in Hamilton, MT.
So there it is, payback is finally here.  A corrupt town who only cares for itself, and not its people.  A town were if you were born there, you are protected there.

A town that doesnt exist.  A town now covered in wilderness fire smoke, and ash falling from the air.
Photo: The fire exploded

It does not get any better than this.

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