Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stupid is what Hamilton does.

There is this stupid white bread pride, the kind of pride that does what is known to be wrong, and does it anyway.  Enter public officials from Hamilton, Montana.

The city is not incorporated, read by millions of viewers of the Montana US president letter.  These crackers still dont get it.  We lit them up like a construction site behind schedule and working 24/7.

The Montana US President letter:

This letter, written in 2009 asked the first African American US President for civil rights and denied.  I guess he shouldnt be re-elected then, right?

Anyway, back to Hamilton.  They are so stuck in their abusive, and extra-legal ways that they almost flaunt it to the public.  We made a movie about it called Beneath the Beauty.  Order a copy at www.beneaththebeauty.com.

Here is the official map which negates the City of Hamilton, and Ravalli County Montana by way of Montana Code; MCA 7-2-2103 says a county cannot operate if their county seat (Hamilton) is not legit.  Well folks, incorporation in 1894 although Ravalli Co. formed 1893.  Its just that simple.

click on square for Map video.

So here is how the police, who are sworn to protect the taxpayers treat them.  It is so dumb that I would not know how to break it to these non-graduates of High School, or even worse, social promotion.  Stupid is how Hamilton treats its people.

Law does not matter, truth does not matter just a bunch of crackers in a isolated valley of Montana abusing the people who pay for the government.

What do people who have been had do?

They pretend nothing happened.

Yup, just millions of people read about your locale, and Uhauls are piling out of Hamilton MT faster than paint dries in its dry climate up in the Rockies.

Well, as soon as people are fully evacuated from Hamilton, and Ravalli Co. perhaps someone will get it.  They wonder why businesses are packing up, or just plain leaving town.

Its doing wonders for your "tourism" business.

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