Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NIH Has Ignored Michael Spreadbury for Years and has Put Hamilton Montana Residence in Extreme Danger.

Here is a Web Stat today, NIH continues to do NOTHING about the Dangerous Noise Levels, No Fire Station that can handle this kind of facility and more to endanger the public and they ignore a qualified professional, Michael Spreadbury, in telling them for years.

isitor Analysis & System Spec
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Host Name:b12-vwsg2-p.net.nih.govBrowser:IE 8.0
IP Address: — [Label IP Address]Operating System:Win7
Location:Silver Spring, Maryland, United StatesResolution:1680x1050
Returning Visits:4Javascript:Enabled
Visit Length:Multiple visits spread over more than one dayISP:National Institutes Of Health

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12 Apr22:07:31
8 May07:48:19
8 May07:50:18
8 May07:53:12

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