Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spreadbury Youtube channel

Michael Spreadbury's youtube channel from Hamilton Montana is:
I called it BaucusTruthUSA do to releasing a documentary in early 2010 about Max Baucus.
The first video on the Youtube channel was Scumbag Millionaire: Max Baucus.
see this clip within our Montana Justice Documentary:
we feature Montana music in the DOC.

please Visit Michael Spreadbury's YouTube Channel from Montana.
  • it documents unlawful law enforcement activity
  • it exposes the fraud at the NIH Rocky Mountain Labs, Hamilton, MT
  • It exposes the White House coverup of the Montana Law School covering up crime.
  • It exposes one of the biggest Print Media scams in America.
VISIT BaucusTruthUSA on Youtube: Michael Spreadbury's Channel for exposing corrupt bastards.
and as always, visit to view great commentary about upholding rights.
Youtube is a great way to get your message out.  Michael Spreadbury uses it to get messages out to the world about corruption.  Occupiers use it to also spread their message.
Micahel Spreadbury's Youtube from Hamilton Montana is:
Thanks for viewing--please share with friends.

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