Saturday, October 22, 2011

Public Fraud--again

Dear Ms. Mahar,                                                                                                    Dated 10/22/2011
Hamilton Montana City Attorney

The costs to force a state judge to reject a lawful request to see an accident report (available to the public by Montana Code) is information the public needs to know.

I have a relative cost of $2800-3600 for one brief from Boone Karlberg PC. In the cause of action DV-11-535, there were 11 items in the docket. How did the City decide to retain Boone Karlberg PC; is there a city council decision to direct you to retain this firm? This public information request is asking for the cost to the taxpayers of Hamilton Montana to sequester public information. How did the City of Hamilton have standing in a writ of mandamus request as no party was served?

The cost is estimated between $3000-$5000 US for the "representation" for the City. Please include:

1) total cost to the city in Cause No. DV-11-535 in the 21st Montana Judicial District Honorable James A. Haynes presiding.
2) city council direction to you as city attorney to retain Boone Karlberg PC of Missoula MT from a public meeting of the Hamilton Montana City Council.
3) Why Montana Rules of Civil Procedure were violated to answer, and interfere with lawful process of a court using pubic funds.

The accident report in question was distributed to members of "We the People" in Hamilton Montana in full within a week of the accident which involved a former Hamilton City Council on scene by Chief Ryan Oster 2009 graduate of the FBI summer class. The request was a test of the court, and the City of Hamilton Montana to see what extent a municipality would go to cover up a felony hit and run accident September 14, 2007 in our city.

Misuse of public funds has occurred with Boone Karlberg PC and the city of Hamilton in 9:11-cv-00064-DWM-JCL to unlawfully pay for the defense of the Bitterroot Public Library in a civil rights case in US District court in Missoula Montana under Judge Donald W. Malloy. The Helena Office of the FBI, and agent [first name] Ingrid stationed there requested my assistance in the public fraud information gathering. It is their top criminal priority of the FBI. It looks like it happened again in DV-11-535 in the Montana 21st Judicial District Hamilton Montana.

The public information can be sent to:
Michael Spreadbury
PO Box 416
Hamilton MT 59840

Several tampered mail sent to me from Boone Karlberg PC (and only from this addressee) can be seen at:

Thank you for providing public information on the costs to the taxpayers, and any official direction by Hamilton City Council to cover up this felony accident.
(otherwise if would be unlawful).


Michael Spreadbury

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