Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman - Hamilton Montana Corruption - Email your Sheriff Chris Hoffman Story ..

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman is not listening to the people. Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman violates constitutional rights. Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman does not care about what happens to victims in Ravalli County Montana.

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman ignores the Laws of Montana.  Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman ignores your Constitutional Rights.

There are No Civil Rights in Ravalli County Montana.

Victims have no Rights in Hamilton Montana.

Ravalli County Sheriff is flat out lying. The Sheriff is the Law of the Land and does not even answer to the President by Law. Sheriff Chris Hoffman is full of shit, and Sheriff Chris Hoffman acts like he want a calm conversation. I heard a voicemail with Sheriff Chris Hoffman screaming and threatening a Hamilton man that was blogging on Hamilton Montana Corruption.

Do you have a Story of Ravalli County Corruption, Hamilton Montana Corruption or your Constitutional Rights violated by Hamilton, Ravalli County Law Enforcement - email your Story to me - Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger. 

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  • The caption stating this Sheriff, "...attempts to answer why he allowed the IRS..." The fact of the matter is, this Sheriff DID answer the question, the problem is the factual and lawful facts related to this incident and patiently explained by this Sheriff are not what these people wanted to hear. One final point, what is this, Mom, Dad and the kids while someone just happens to be filming the conversation. Where are the hot dogs, apple pie and family pet props for a more wholesome effect.
  • Thanks for the comment. Had the family still had a home there would have been hot dogs, apple pie and family pets. However, the Sheriffs' response "I did not have the authority" is only ONE of the inaccurate statements made by this Sheriff. Research Scott As for your set up comment: I am grateful people are capturing events like this on video, bringing things to light, that for too long have been left in the shadows As we shine a light into the darkness much will be revealed.
  • @SovereignNMontana What you don't seem to understand is this is a matter with the IRS; Federeal agents acting under the authority & orders of a document signed by a Federal Judge. The Marine Corps couldn't have stopped this from happening. Only an intervening court of a higher authority could have changed the event. I only hope that your association of this matter to local authorities is an act of ignorance of the law and not a fact twisting effort for political gain.
  • If "political gain" is to be gained it comes from you, as an Officer for the current Sheriff, you stand most to gain by keeping him in office. So lets move on from that point! I have to assume it's your ignorance that has created your responses. Since the Sheriff has previously informed federal agents that they could not come into his County, we can't say the same for him. I would be happy to help you. Start with Supreme Court Justice Antonin G. Scalia decisions.
  • @SovereignNMontana Since absent factual argument to the points made you resort to implying this is personal, I'll inform you that I don't have a dog in this fight, my irritation comes from dealing with people who create their own problems and problems for everyone around them and then cry foul when faced with the consequences of their actions. You are expressing your opinion, I think it's ill informed...of which we are both entitled to do. This forum is yours, I'll not waste my time responding.
  • Scott, You implied I had political gain in this and then cry foul when it's pointed out that you have more to gain. Seems you are suffering from what you allege these kind folks are doing! This is about Facts, not opinion: read Judge Scalia decisions, do your own research, please. I did! Thank you for your comments, your opinions are invaluable in this process, but please do your research if I can help that process, I will!
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  • The sheriff claims that due process has been accomplished when there HAS BEEN NO TRIAL.There was no jury therefore due process was absent. More importantly however is that there is no constitutional authorization for Federal Marshals or IRS agents as the limited enumerated powers do not specify these departments or agents. They are therefore enemies of the Constitution. This fact alone renders every argument this scumbag sheriff presents, irrelevant. Sheriff Hoffman is a liar.

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