Dear Ravalli County Sheriff Dept.,                                                                                                                        May 1, 2011
copied to Ravalli County Attorney office
copied to Matt Kanenwisher County Commissioner

In a communication dated February 1st 2011, signed and authored by Sheriff Chris Hoffman, it was indicated that one officer is assigned, with a second on occasion for civil service.
1)Can the RCSO answer why four (4) deputies were at 700 S. Fourth St. Hamilton MT at or around 2200hrs November 4, 2009?

The logs of the two OTHER officers on duty that day were requested other than Steve Holton, and Deputy Cashell after the 2/1/11 letter.
2)Can a Deputy expect to be terminated, or disciplined if they inflict negligent property damage during a civil service, or any other time on duty for Ravalli County?
3) Why does the RCSO protective order #09113010 have CAUTION written on top?
--Does the RCSO need to take caution with a member of the public with no criminal record, and a public trust national security clearance (as of November 4, 2009)?

Officers from February 1, 2011 letter who participated in visits to 700 S. Fourth St. Hamilton for civil service (November 4-6 2009).

*defendants in Civil Rights lawsuit, also accused of tampering with evidence.  Why would the RCSO send these officers to a Plaintiff's house, negligence?
There are several "unknown Deputies" due to no release of public information about a a MCA Title 3 arrest attempt, 3 deputies August 16 2007 3am 700 S. 4th Hamilton, MT.

Review: 3 new numbered questions, old request for information that is public record (logs of 2 deputies) from November 4 2009.

A prompt return of public information is requested."