Friday, March 11, 2011

NIH Noise Pollution - Rocky Mountain Lab Hamilton Montana, Ravalli County.

"NIU stands for National Institute of Unhealthiness.
The cooling fans or other noise source from the RML process continues to infiltrate my residence Hamilton MT USA.
The Low Frequency Noise (LFN) is known to cause sleep deprivation (waking in early hours, or complete disruption) stress, heart problems, and increased depression rates, which as was stated before, a REAL good idea for Ravalli County, ranked 5th county in the nation for suicide.  Preschool math: 43dbA >30dbA (actually twice as loud as deemed healthy).
The emergency services are outstanding: 29 volunteer firemen to counter infectious agents studied at NIH in Hamilton, MT USA?
Dr. Johnson, NIH facilities services must win the next Nobel for this one.
The 2007 HVFD accomplishment: allowed the Feed and Farm in Hamilton, MT burn to the ground...without showing up...good thing NIH paid to have them 'trained'  !!
Please get busy protecting the health of residents, your employees from LFN, catastrophic failure of your "engineered systems" at the BSL-4 with infectious agents.
This means sound proofing of noise sources to achieve 30dbA max, and using square footage for federal emergency services, not lab space.
Although local flavor came from personnel in Hamilton, MT; their mantra is "stupid is as stupid does".  NIH should be smarter than that."

Michael Spreadbury

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