Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hamilton City Planner Suspended

Hamilton City Planner

City of Hamilton Dennis Stranger, City Planner and Special Projects Director for the City of Hamilton, Montana has been suspended.

Complaints from city employees have come in, as well as from city councilwomen for improper relationships, harassment, and general bullying.

While the actual reasons for the suspension are unknown, and the duration of the suspension also unknown, the Non-City of Hamilton, MT can breathe easy that a person who was not elected will not be taking control of the most damaged city in the United States.

Dennis Stranger had enjoyed glaring at citizens and employees alike, and contracting out work to local engineering companies. The actual work of the mayor was carried out by Dennis Stranger, obviously to most who observed city administration within Hamilton, Montana.

Of note, Dennis Stranger was present November 4, 2009 at the Hamilton Police Department, as is indicated in the unsigned police report made available from that date.

Michael Spreadbury was paraded in front of Dennis Stranger as he was taken into custody by the Hamilton Police Department on November 9, 2009; a matter which is under appeal.

The question is: Will the City of Hamilton, MT learn from this? Answer: not likely.

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