Thursday, January 27, 2011

to Ravalli County Commissioners Regarding Sheriff Chris Hoffman Threatening Michael Spreadbury.

" Dear Commissioners,

I had asked for a time to convey this information in person, but feel it better to do so by email.

The current Sheriff, Chris Hoffman has threatened me in person at the Sheriff Office in 2009, has been inappropriate on a telephone call from his county issued phone (406) 375-4001 this month.

On October 10, 2006 Deputy Chris Albright and Lt. Holton answered a call to 291 Cooper Ln. They did not take pictures of all evidence, took a doctored photograph of scratches on the wrong cheek of a perpetrator, made victim by former Co. Atty Corn.

Albright swiveled his microphone on his hand held altering the speech of the interview with me. No pictures were taken of smoke grenades, or broken glass location.

Protecting property, after the Sheriff Department fails to do so (with case # open) is an inalienable right (Art. II s. 3) Montana Constitution.

Fundamental constitutional right means equal protection, not equal brutality of the public in Ravalli County.

On November 4, 2009 Deputy Albright and Lt. Holter kicked in my front door at ..... Hamilton while I was not home.

They were serving a civil service, left no paperwork, left no phone message that they were there.

The damage remained, covered up by RCSO.

While running for office, Joede Vanek and Chris Hoffman discussed an incident where a drunken brawl took place at a UM football game where Deputy Albright used his badge to get out of criminal behavior.

Vanek also told me Deputy Albright used a county computer to access pornography on duty. I believe Joede Vanek.

As commissioners, do we want law enforcement who are above the law?

Do we want a Sheriff who will protect this behavior?

We also know about RCSO felony theft, felony partner assault, and unsolved triple murders from more than 10 years ago.

I don't believe Deputy Albright fits any mold for law enforcement, nor Lt. Holter. They are your employees, and are free to do this to any member of the public until disiplined or removed from duty. Serve and protect is lost on the Ravalli County Sheriff Department.

If you didnt know this already (unlikely), you now know. Your constituents need protecting from this law enforcement behavior, and their chief who does not model any better behavior. Again, he represents Ravalli County.

Michael Spreadbury "

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Crystal L. Cox
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