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Brad Weston - Hamilton Police Department Brad Weston. Recall Judge Michael Reardon Hamilton Montana.

the Recall of Hamilton Montana Judge Michael Reardon

"This letter is to describe why Judge Michael Reardon, Hamilton City Judge will be recalled. The last time I graced the county elections office with a recall petition, it was the last time I worked; care of school resource officer (SRO) Brad Weston of the Hamilton Police Department. I was “interviewed” by Weston at which time I gave the name of a current employer.

Not the only time I was asked for my employer; threatened with an “investigation”, lost the job, without committing any crime. It was Officer Weston who took a report Nov, 2009: no-one should feel threatened by this information in the public eye.

City Attorney Bell
felt it was “ridiculous [he] had to swear an oath to the Constitution (Bell, in memo to City Council, 2007).”

Being a “Constitutionalist” has more obligations than collecting votes: it means fundamentally changing how Ravalli County Government operates. Specifically, it means ending the targeting or abuse of citizens as Judge Michael Reardon enjoys: a third ‘Reign’ of Hamilton’s city government.

Now that the County swearing-in ceremony is recently over, the Constitution is fresh in our minds; our elected officials will uphold the constitution.

Our right to petition government, redress harm, peaceful assembly on public property, and the freedom of speech are examples. Judge Reardon does not protect the right to sit peacefully on public property, threatens jail time, sentenced jail time for peaceful assembly. In paperwork from Reardon’s court, a threat to jury trial was made (protected in Montana, United States).

A personal attack came from Judge Michael Reardon from the bench, witnessed in official proceeding, most would call this harassment. Public officials should not harass, or charge crimes for protected activities.

In the case of Judge Reardon, a catastrophic failure of not protecting members of the public; instead he adds to the harassment, ridicule, and hyperbole with a grin on his face. Honorable judges serve the public, not themselves.

A Judge’s duty is not to violate the rights sworn to uphold. Not so Honorable Reardon is a former Marine Corps JAG Lawyer, which makes the described actions so difficult to understand. After a “trial” the jurors were spooked at my presence or my family; hint of a predetermined outcome.

Any judge discussion with a jury or lawyer before trial (known as ex parte) violates the public’s due process. Bottom line: Hamilton does not need an unethical, abusive Judge like Reardon.

SAFE of the Bitterroot will tell you: when in an abusive relationship, you must find a way to stop the abuse. While I doubt Judge Michael Reardon will go to abuse counseling, he knows better than to abuse American’s rights.

Hamilton voters end the abuse by signing Michael's recall. Our City Judge engages in abuse to assist the well established local “government assistance program”; that is, to assist in the local terror racket: Hoffman, Bell, and formally Corn. We pay the salaries of these officials, and have right to recall.

This letter is for WC & Virginia Bolen who started the effort to portray then Prosecutor Reardon for his defamatory transgressions (and won), as well as the transgressions of the Sheriff Department, and a former prosecutor ( George Corn ) who charged her with a felony she did not commit.

Many people are similarly treated in Ravalli County; some examples published in 2002 by reporter Carlotta Grandstaff of the Missoula Independent.

The “Beneath the Beauty” documentary described past, present malicious behavior of Honorable Reardon, law enforcement, and public officials in the Bitterroot Valley. “Finders Keepers”, Bolen’s book describes all of the above.

The county has less than 29,000 adults, yet maintains 100% voter registration to restrict the recall of an elected county official; requiring more than 5, 000 signatures. In the city, 375 signatures needed to rid the City Judge.

Honorable Reardon has a generous retirement package from the county, the city, and the Marine Corps. While retirement is an option, a recall of not so Honorable Judge Michael Reardon should stop him at time of election November 2011.

I have encouraged his successor, remaining nameless to run for office, to function as an independent judiciary for the City of Hamilton, and US citizens who pass through Hamilton Montana without knowledge of the local assault on the US Constitution.

Since a Judge is protected with absolute immunity, we cannot sue Judge Reardon for his official transgressions.

We can exercise our right to remove him from office. Hamilton needs constitutional protections, not abusive governmental officials. Michael J. Reardon learned from, and assisted George Corn in the local terror of citizens, using attorneys, law enforcement, media outlets, and willing participants.

Hamilton Judge Michael Reardon and others may benefit improperly from issuing orders of protection. The monies normally credited from federal grants on local budgets of Hamilton and Ravalli County go missing, although protection orders thrown at the public like rice at a wedding. Only his tailor would know how big his pockets are for defrauded public funds. Judge Reardon and Judge Clute top the list of questionable protection orders issued.

Protection Orders are easily set up to trip-up an estranged spouse returning for personal belongings; more fines, this time directly to the county and city treasury.

Judge Michael Reardon’s recall is a reachable goal of less than 375 signatures needed, and 500 votes to boot him: proving the voters are more powerful than abusive public officials like Judge Michael Reardon.

Its time we ended the abuse of our rights. The county voters started it with the removal of Corn, and we must continue with the removal (or convince retirement for the 3rd time) of the most Honorable Reardon.

We owe it to the Bolens; we owe it to every person unjustly treated by Judge Reardon, and any official he collaborated with in Ravalli County.

A recall would send a clear message to our Ravalli County and city officials: by right of petition (includes the vote) we can remove Judge Reardon for violation of 11 Montana Judicial rules, and violation of American Bar Association rule 17 (ex parte communication).

If public officials want to collaborate illegally to violate our rights, we will collaborate to remove those officials by our constitutionally protected right to recall.

Any Judge malicious enough to allow a case that violates protected rights has no business on any bench; especially in Hamilton, Montana where law enforcement need a Judge willing to challenge their every move; not one singing to their qualities as “fine men (Reardon, 2009)”.

We need a Judge on our side, with knowledge of our rights, a “gentleperson” a respectful public servant who can apply the rule of law equally in Hamilton, Montana.

Judge Michael Reardon, the recall is coming—corruption, cronyism, will take leave from us.

Michael Spreadbury "

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