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Ravalli County District Judge James Haynes - Jeffrey Fowler was Sentenced for Felony Theft - Hope for Hamilton.

Ravalli County Montana District Judge James Haynes gives Hope to ALL Montana Judges to Base Decisions in Law and NOT in what the Good Old Boys Say or Threaten.

In Towns all across the United States.. Good Judges are Trying to Make Good Decisions, and in those towns.. there is a Wall of Corruption that Makes Sure they don't...

the Wall of Corruption will bring them Economic Terrorism, will harass their family, Set them up and well.. the Wall of Corruption has so many connections that a Good Judge in this situation does not dare go against them.

This is the same for "Good Cops" - My wish is that through our Exposing the Bad Cops, the Criminal County Attorneys, the Attorneys and Judges who Violate your Constitutional rights.. my wish is that the Good Ones - the Judges, Attorneys, Cops and Prosecutors that Do Obey the Law and Do NOT Violate your Constitutional Rights will have Room to Do their Job the Right, Honorable way, Law Abiding Way.

Ravalli County District Judge James Haynes is to be Commended for Acting within the laws of the State of Montana. I Say that Indeed Ravalli County District Judge James Haynes deserves to be Called Honorable Judge James Haynes.

"Former Ravalli County sheriff's sergeant sentenced for ammunition theft"

"HAMILTON - Jeffrey Fowler was sentenced Monday to a five-year suspended prison term for the felony theft of more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition from the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office.

The former sheriff's sergeant will also spend 15 days in jail.

Ravalli County District Judge James Haynes told Fowler he had broken the trust handed to him by the public and was nothing more than an embezzler.

Fowler told the judge that he didn't actually steal anything.

Near the end of the three-hour sentencing hearing, Fowler insisted he'd simply taken possession of the stolen ammunition and sold it to different businesses and individuals over a nine-month period of time.

Fowler told the judge that he had an accomplice who actually stole the ammo.

But a state investigator testified he was convinced that wasn't true.

Montana Department of Criminal Investigation agent Shane Shaw said he spent hundreds of hours interviewing more than 50 people while putting together the case against Fowler.

Shaw said he was convinced that Fowler had acted alone in stealing and reselling thousands of rounds of ammunition from the county between October 2008 and June 2009.

"I don't believe anyone else was involved," Shaw said.

The investigator tracked ammunition taken from several different locations, including a vault in the courthouse, and sold it to businesses and individuals through lot numbers.

Fowler sold some of the ammunition while dressed in his uniform and driving his patrol car, Shaw said.

Fowler's attorney, Milt Datsopoulos, said his client was addicted to pain medication as a result of several surgeries over the course of a number of years.

Fowler's wife, Brenda, said she had seen her husband change significantly over the past two years because of his addiction.

"He started taking pills more often, and more often became more often," she said. "It was a tough road for him to get off the pain medication, but he did it on his own."

In the meantime, she said her family's life was turned upside down.

"All four of us have paid a price," she said. "We've lost our home. We've lost our family. ... Life has not been easy going through this."

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman said the sheriff's department has paid its own price.

"We live and die by people's confidence," Hoffman testified. "When that is compromised, then we have lost one of the biggest tools that we have to be effective in the community."

Lawyers are already challenging earlier court cases that involved Fowler.

The case against convicted arsonist Donnie Mack Sellers was appealed to the Montana Supreme Court. At issue is Fowler's involvement in the initial arrest of Sellers and the possibility his testimony was tainted.

"When we sit in this box and address a jury ... they need to know that what comes out of our mouth is the truth," Hoffman said. "They need to know that they can trust us."

After the hearing, Hoffman said he was "very satisfied" with the investigation completed by the state in the case.

"As to why Mr. Fowler would want to try and implicate others in this office, I don't have that answer," he said. "He had a number of opportunities to come forward with information and he never did."

Reporter Perry Backus can be reached at 363-3300 or at pbackus@ravallirepublic.com. "

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Ravalli County Sheriff Hoffman Saying this ""We live and die by people's confidence," Hoffman testified" Well that is a bit of a Joke after the Corruption that Chris Hoffman Overlooks Daily in Ravalli County Montana.

""" When we sit in this box and address a jury ... they need to know that what comes out of our mouth is the truth,"Hoffman said. "They need to know that they can trust us. " "
More Flat Out Lies, in my Opinion from the Mouth of Hamilton Montana - Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman.

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman violates the Constitutional and Civil Rights of Hamilton Montana Victims..

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman is NOT to be Trusted as we see from the Bitterroot Rising Media Site now down due to Hamilton Montana Corruption, and Justice for me in Hamilton .. No Way.. add to that all the other victims of the Wall of Corruption in Hamilton Montana and Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman Claims to tell the Truth and be Truste.. What a Crock !!!

Crystal L. Cox
Montana Media
Investigative Blogger

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