Thursday, November 18, 2010

Paul Stramer Comments on Sean Boushie and Crystal L. Cox and Surrounding Corruption.

"This article is right on. Steven Mocko got involved because when Paul Stramer was wrongly denied a concealed carry permit the first time, that action of sheriff Anderson lead to a letter to the editor, which lead to a collusion between the sheriff and Sean Boushie to deny a second application for concealed carry permit. Sean said words to the effect that he helped the sheriff by providing a "legal basis" to deny the permit.

"legal basis" was an order of protection that was granted by Stormy Langston during which proceeding she did not require one shred of evidence that anything Sean Boushie said was true, and she denied Paul Stramer the ability to have witnesses on his behalf in the courtroom. Crystal Cox was waiting in the entrance room to testify that her life had been threatened by Sean. She was not allowed in.

She was threatened, because she came to Paul Stramers defense in her blogs, and Steven Mocko proved it by smoking out Sean Boushie by writing a threatening letter to whomever had threatened Crystal's life at the address that the threatening email against Crystal had come from.

Sean answered it,
and called the cop shop in Eureka and identified himself and attempted to profer charges against Steve Mocko, thereby proving he had access to the email address.
Why would I bring all this up now?

Because the whole denial of the permit
BOTH TIMES was baseless and nothing but political persecution.

The proof of that fact is that after an
extensive background check by the state of Utah, probably the most strict background check any state does before issuing a Concealed Firearms permit, the State of Utah has issued Paul Stramer a permit that is good in 30 states including Montana, and Paul Stramer has continued to purchase many firearms for his personal collection and to give to his children as presents, always with the FBI background check coming back with "proceed immediately with the sale".

I know this first hand because it happened to me,

Paul Stramer "

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