Thursday, November 11, 2010

Justice of The Peace Robin Clute Gives License to Stalk, Threaten To Kill and Ruin Business.. FOREVER..

Once Again I Tell you Folks this not to, Poor Me, my life is changed forever .. I tell you THIS to Show you How Montana Corrupt Courts, Cops and Judges Set up Innocent Victims for their Own Games, Agendas and Cover Ups..

Not Much I can Do about it as the Hamilton Montana Corrupt Court System Launched an Attack on Me that Just Won't End.. Even though I do Obey the Law and am Certainly on the Right Side of the Moral Compass... The Fact Speak for Themself should any law abiding citizen with a conscious care to look at the facts.

I am not free to do business .. ANYWHERE in the US .. or even to go where I want as Sean Boushie threatened to kill me and in his original Death Threat bragged about all his artillary he has... see more on all that at - Once you become a target of Montana Corruption, of Hamiltion Corruption - they keep at it.. til you are gone in one way or another... You Will All Soon be Part of a Federal RICO and Recovery Lawsuit - Every Dollar and Document Will Be Exposed that ever Crossed the Corrupt Ravalli County Attorney George Corn's Desk - all Money You guys Spent on Corruption and well every dirty deed for decades will play out on my Blogs for years and years to Come.. I will Never STOP keeping an Eye on Corruption In Hamilton Montana and SHOULD the Corrupt Hamilton Sheriff, Corrupt Judge Clute, or ??? find a Way to Rid this World of Me.. Well .. My Network is not Just Mine anymore and SHUTTING me UP ... in whatever way your cooking up.. Well this will Not Silence the Voice of the Victims YOU have Created.. My Voice To Victims Will Live On... as will the VOICE of Michael Spreadbury..

So Tommorro is the BIG Day.. You Think the "We the People" voice of the Bitterroot Rising fades into the Black.. Well Just Between you and Me.. a Thousand New sites will pop up as you Force those Down.. So LET THE GAMES BEGIN...

Your Corrupt Courts took my Life As I knew it and created a constant flow of victims that you leave voiceless and well it is NOT RIGHT.. not even a little bit..

Sean Boushie and his wife continue to attack me online. Sean posts comments about me that are, well hateful and flat out lies and has no accountability. Judge Robin Clute defends Sean Boushie's attacks on Me without any proof only his STATED fear of Me..

Sean's comment's on my blogs claim he is friends with Officer Maury McKinney in Eureka Montana - Officer McKinney served me the Illegal protective order out of a town 5 hours away - the Order of Protection NOT based in Law was by the Corrupt Hamilton Montana Judge Robin Clute - with no proof. I took web stats to court and it was easy to contact google and many other sites to prove I was being threatened, but instead Justice of the Peace Robin Clute endangered my life FOREVER and with no Remorse. .. all to protect Rapists and the Cops, County Attorneys who would not prosecute them.. and the Drug Ring.. and Big Money that surrounded the issues..

Judge Robin Clute, to this day never supbeoned Google or Yahoo, Craiglist or did anything to get to the Truth, her orders were to Silence Me and SHE DID.. Well .. For awhile anyway..

She could have got information from Yahoo in Minutes to prove that was not me, not even in the same town or IP that I would have had access to, but Robin Clute did not BOTHER with this 2 second task, instead Judge Robin Clute keeps me under attack TO THIS DAY, from Sean Boushie - With No End In Site.. He Breaks the Law Every Day, Commits a Hate Crime, Interferes with my Clients, and Get Others to Hate me and all this Illegal Behavior is Protected by the Corrupt Lincoln County Montana Courts and by Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana.

What I Do Is NOT Illegal and YOU Know IT !!

I am the Media, you Did not Protect Me..
You Set Me Up, and Well you Will Be Sued, and Exposed and
every dirty secret ever to come to your door will be on mass sites
on my "Whistleblower Media" - so Stay Tuned..

So Let's See ... 2 Seconds out of Judge Robin Clutes life to contact Yahoo and Prove who was Threatening to Kill me, who was stalking me and interfering DAILY with my VERY Lucrative Business.. OR Simply just Say Crystal Cox is a Bitch as she did say, and that I do own that name and eMailed myself that death threat then publicly broadcast my life.. and the vile hate against me.. just to set up some man I did not know nor did I have anything to Do with What So Ever??? Makes No Sense to any Rational Mind.. .

The Corrupt Hamilton Montana Judge Robin Clute chose to NOT send the 2 Second Fax to Yahoo to get without a doubt proof but instead to basically convict me to a life of HELL, Ruin My Business and put me under Constant Diress.

JUDGE Robin Clute would NOT allow the Stephen Mocko Complaint that was given to Officer Maury McKinney in Lincoln County.. . .. into her Corrupt Court as WELL, gee can't have that.. Must Protect the Criminal and NOT the Victim..Its the Hamilton Montana Way..

I mean this Complaint was Pretty Obvious... Sean Boushie was Whining to the Eureka Cops and Filed a Complaint against Stephen Mocko.. for What ..?? well See it seems the Whiny Baby Sean Boushie got an email that he felt was threatening and so he called the Cops.. and Guess what the Email was Sent To - SO thus .. Got a Brain Handy, this means Sean Boushie had access to that account and was claiming he was threatened by an email send to THAT Email EXACT eMail Address .... the Same EMail that sent me Vile Hate and THREATENED TO KILL ME.. that well, I will never post it all to protect the innocent.. however.. Judge Robin Clute has seen it and she DID NOTHING TO protect and defend, and the Corrupt, Above the Law Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace Robin Clute HAD no Legal Right to Give a Protective Order against Me ...Especially after Judge Haynes, a Ravalli County District Judge had Denied a Protective Order and Quoted the Montana Law that was Proof of WHY he Denied Me Protection..

Officer McKinney in Lincoln County Montana continues to hide knowledge of Sean Boushie's complaint agains Stephen Mocko regarding the eMail account

My Life is Very Different then it was 2 years ago and All Because I said Rape is Wrong, said Cops and Judges should not be above the Law and all from some cover ups and scandals that were decades prior to my Speaking Out..

Now every job I try and take, every client, every story .. there is Sean Boushie - University of Montana Stalker - Ravalli County Resident .. THERE to torturously interfere with my ability to do business and to make sure that there are plenty of lies told to keep me from making a living and keep me in constant danger and under constant dures.

To My Paying Client, Sean Boushie Sends This email below.. after he Comments on My Blog and Says I lied about him contacting the Guy. And Judge Robin Clute stands with this Criminal Activity for over a year Now. As Sean Boushie continues to make threats to me and about me and to defame me constantly EVERY Day.. even from his Blackberry off on Hunting Trips..

Here is Todays eMail to My Client.. from the "innocent" Sean Boushie.

Original Message-----

" Im back from a hunting trip. Gone again in a few days.

My # is 406-370-6927 I do not try to hide where I am or how to contact
me. simply carry enough artillerary to take care of most situations.

I will be in meetings tomottow from 9 to noon, I can try and call you in betwen.

My guess is she madea deal, for$ found out somethings wanted more $$$,
then decided she would need 10X$$$$$$ to kep her mouth shut.

Shes a worthles psychopathic who belongs in the nuthouse.

I think you are at least the 500th person to contact me, so its all my
fault. shes nutz, flat out nutz.

On 10/26/10, wrote:
> I am in a fairly remote location this week. Cell will not connect
> I see this morning she is ranting about what I said to you yesterday how did
> that happen ? Not the first time she's sent spys after me
> Or devised some fake name and email
> Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry ""

So Sean Boushie still defaming me and how ridicules .. I sent Spies.. Bull, Flat Out Lies and Protected by the Corrupt Hamilton Montana Justice of the Peace Robin Clute.

MORE Revenue and Defamation that the City of Hamilton, Ravalli County and Judge Robin Clute are Personally Liable for..

Flat Out Lies to Cause Me Pain and Damage my Business and Condoned, Supported by Judge Stormy Langston in Eureka Montana, Officer Maury McKinney Lincoln County Montana, County Attorney Bernie Cassidy and the Corrupt Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana.

I post on my site that Sean Boushie contacted my Colorado client and ruined a job for me and lied about me, then Sean comments calling me a liar and then emails the guy and says Hey how did she know.. was it Spies.. uh Duh.. It was My Client that Told Me. .. Still Sean Boushie is Above the Law and Still Protected by the Corrupt Courts in Montana. - Corrupt County Attorney George Corn and Corrupt Judge Robin Clute.

In this eMail Sean Boushie admits to My Client that he had talked to him before, then bitches about me ranting online about it.. yet accused me publicly of lying and said that he ever contacted the guy... and ALL Backed by the Corrupt Hamilton Judge Robin Clute.

No End In Site to the Corruption In Hamilton Montana...
Keep an Eye and Send your Tips to

I am the Voice of the Victims in Hamilton Montana Now I seem to Stand Alone.. So as you Tommorro Comes and you think you have lost your Voice.. KNOW that Indeed YOU have NOT - nor Will You EVER !!! You have Rights, and the TRUTH is Your Defense. .Email your Story to ME.. I will Get YOU Heard...

Proudly and Truthfully
Posted by
Crystal L. Cox

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