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Michael Spreadbury was Set up By Hamilton Police, George Corn - County Attorney and the Corrupt Ravalli Republic

Much More on this Coming Soon.. for now KNOW that Ravalli Republic is CORRUPT, owned by Lee Newspaper Chain and Helps the Corruption to KEEP going as they print lies to set up the innocent. Michael Spreadbury is innocent, this is yet another example of the Wall of Corruption in Montana and to what lengths they will Go.

This is ALL over a Letter that Michael Spreadbury tried to put in a local library about the corruption in Hamilton Montana. They need a Felony on Michael Spreadbury to cover up their corruption, and the Montana Supreme court has stood by the Massive Corruption in Hamilton MT over all this.

Now backed into a corner looks like Michael Took a Plea, and well it has got a lot more attention on his name and my Blogs are on Fire, thanks Hamilton... boy you are sure drawing attention on your corruption and illegal activity now...and well now tons of sites will be talking about Nansu Roddy - the Librarian who wanted so badly to keep out OF "Her" Library a letter to the U. S. President...

Folks reprint this stuff.. talk about it all.. scour this site and as well as and - they want Nansu Roddy's name of a blog.. that says hardly anything but let vicious, cruel hate on several blogs, emails, craigslist threaten and defame me for over a year... protected by the Corrupt Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana, the TRUTH is no Defense in Hamilton Montana and Michael Spreadbury looks to me as if he has been backed into a corner.. Look For Your Own Facts folks.. Brave Hearts and Strong People like Michael Spreadbury will not be able to speak for you anymore.. YOU need to Stand up for yourself...

Email me your Hamilton Corruption Story, video tape ALL interactions with local press, judges, attorneys and cops.. email me a copy BEFORE they set you up next.. - victim retaliation is their specialty..

NOTE: so Sherry Devlin, what exactly DO you mean by EXUSING Michael Spreadbury of using his websites to "Regularly RAIL against Roddy"??? The Ravalli Republic, the Lee Newspaper THUGS regular RAIL and Defame against Michael Spreadbury ALL the time and have for a couple of YEARS.. not BASED in fact and these LIES go out to alot more then did. So why is Sherry Devlin, Ravalli Republic - Lee Enterprises Cartel allowed to Defame and RAIL all the Time with NO Accountability? Well no Honest Attorney can win in Montana... especially in Lincoln and Ravallit County.. so NO one has SUED Lee Enterprises Big Enough, Want To? Time for a Class Action Lawsuit against Lee Enterprises.. all with Complaints on THE Lee Enterprise Cartel email me..

I added this to the Post as Sherry Devlin of Lee Enterprises has threatened me, funny.. I prove Defamation on My VERY Lucrative Career.. more then Sherry Devlin makes and Lincoln and Ravalli COUNTY do nothing.. THEY will FIGHT me though to Protect Corruption in Lee Enterprises paper the Ravalli Republic over a photo.. a nice.. none HATE.. non-HORROR .. photo but did nothing to stop my DEFAMATION ...

RAVALLI Republic LIES throughout the press release BELOW with NO Accountability.. Michael DID not write the letter nor did he "Rail Against"..

here is the Story...

""Spreadbury pleads guilty to felony intimidation of Hamilton librarian

By SEPP JANNOTTA Ravalli Republic
Posted: Saturday, October 16, 2010 8:24 am

Michael Spreadbury, the former Hamilton mayoral candidate, pleaded guilty Friday to one count of felony intimidation stemming from charges linked to his harassment last November of a Bitterroot Public Library employee.

According to a plea agreement entered in the Missoula courtroom of District Court Judge Douglas G. Harkin, Spreadbury was handed a deferred sentence of one year, during which he must refrain from contact "by any means, including through a third party" with Nansu Roddy, a public services librarian in Hamilton.

The agreement requires the "removal of any images of, photos of, or content referring to Nansu Roddy from any website controlled by or contributed to by the defendant."

Spreadbuy has a pair of websites he has regularly used to rail against Roddy, myriad government officials and the Ravalli Republic, all of whom he claims have been persecuting him and violating his constitutional rights.

Provided he obeys the agreement's provisions, the deal allows Spreadbury to avoid jail time or punitive fines. A conviction on felony intimidation would have carried the possibility of 10 years behind bars and a fine of up to $50,000.

Spreadbury was originally charged with misdemeanor trespassing in June 2009, for returning to the library after he had been barred from using the facility after a dispute in which he insisted the library keep as reference material letters he'd written accusing Ravalli County officials of corruption.

With his unsuccessful mayoral bid in its final days, Spreadbury approached Roddy in a parking lot and told her she had better make the trespassing charge go away. That exchange, during which Roddy felt threatened, she later testified, prompted the felony intimidation charge.


Friday's guilty plea follows the dismissal of Spreadbury's lawsuit against Roddy in civil court. He had been seeking $535,000 from Roddy for emotional distress caused by what he claimed was her giving "false information" to a police officer and judge during a protection hearing.

Spreadbury filed the suit last April with two others seeking total judgments of $1.2 million against Nansu Roddy, Hamilton City Attorney Ken Bell, Ravalli County Attorney George Corn and Deputy County Attorney Angela Wetzsteon.

Larson dismissed the other two lawsuits last month.

Under the agreement reached Friday, Spreadbury will be on probation with the Montana Department of Corrections, requiring the usual check-ins, loss of privacy and restrictions on his movements.

He will also be forbidden from owning or possessing firearms of any kind.

A former employee of the Federal Emergency Management Agency - Spreadbury claims he still maintains a federal security clearance - the Hamilton resident "must seek and maintain employment or a program approved by" probation officers.

During Friday's hearing, Harkin added a timeline requiring Spreadbury's websites - and - be clear of material pertaining to Roddy by Nov. 20.

Reporter Sepp Jannotta ""


Much More on This Will Be POSTED... ALL who read what I say on Michael Spreadbury, post EVERYWHERE as Hamilton Montana is the Number ONE Judicial Hell Hole in America...

Michael Does NOT control any of my Blogs, in fact.. Michael Spreadbury does not OWN though I gave him admin. Not long ago... he has NO Access to those servers.. that is MY Name.. and so are all my site.. If Hamilton wants to shut down my sites.. well I guess they will but I tell you what.. Look at sites me threatening my life, threaten to burn me at the stake.. horror.. sick .. violent stuff and Hamilton Authorities have let it go on for a year...and COUNTING.. but want a picture of a librarian down and the REAL true story of what is going on.. ??

This is NOT Legal in ANY way, this violates.. Intellectual Property Law, Civil Rights.. and more.. Hamilton Montana Cops, Judges, Newspapers and the County Attorney.. are Above ALL laws that you have to abide ... LOOK deep folks..

and Go to and rePOST like Crazy... also go to and repost.. as well as DO not let Montana Corruption WIN.. repost this TRUTH everywhere..

also NOTE in the Lying article above... Michael Spreadbury DID not write the letter Exposing the Corruption in Hamilton Montana.. Peter Pilkey Did.. Ravalli Republic owned by Lee Enterprises... Flat Out LIES to protect Montana Corruption.

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger

Also NOTE Folks.. Michael Spreadbury is the Media and is protected under Media Laws.. Hamilton -Ravalli County is Corrupt, is acting outside of Montana Law and the Laws of the United States of America....

Look for Your Own TRUTH !!!

Try and Sue Ravalli COUNTY for your RIGHTS and Get a Felony Charge for Supposedly intimidating a Librarian - BULL - Michael Spreadbury GOT THIS inJUSTICE - Hamilton Montana style, becasue he told the TRUTH on Ravalli County Attorney George Corn, On Corrupt Sheriff Chriss Hoffman, and on Judge Robin Clute. They set him up, harassed and defamed him ...ALL because he told of their crimes and even got some folks to do a documentary about it..

Hamilton Montana is a HELL Hole, No Laws Apply..
YOU will get NO justice in Hamilton Montana..

I am the MEDIA, though Judge Robin Clute treated me with total disrespect, and violated my human rights, civil rights and my intellectual property rights...

Judges, Cops, and the Judicial Authority in Hamilton Montana ARE above the Law and the MT Supreme Court backs them up.. as does Denny Rehberg, Max Baucus and More..

Look DEEP...

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