Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Ravalli County Attorney George Corn Controlling JP Robin Clute and Paying Sean Boushie to Attack Me?

My LIFE, My Career, My Reputation will NOT Be Collateral Damage to Cover up for Ravalli County Corruption, Lincoln County Corruption, University of Montana Corruption, and Missoula County Corruption. the TRUTH is the TRUTH, The Facts are the Facts - Period.

oK..So We Know that Justice of the Peace - Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana will do whatever dirty work that Ravalli County Attorney George Corn asks of here no matter what innocent Montana Citizens are Collateral Damage. Judge Robin Clute and Ravalli County Attorney George Corn will DO anything to protect the Rampant Corruption In Ravalli County Montana.

Judge Robin Clute set me up, Gave Sean Boushie a Year Long protective order against me, he said he was in fear of me. I proved to her with Technical, Factual Stats that he was threatening and stalking ME..

I was in Real Fear of my Life - AS I am to THIS DAY...

I Left my Home over a Year Ago because of Judge Robin Clute. In Judge Robin Clute's Court I had Factual Data and Judge Robin Clute denied me the presenting of these facts, denied web stats, failed to get TRUE accurate information from Yahoo or Google to prove in a instant that this man was guilty.

Judge Robin Clute dismissed evidence that Sean Boushie had called the Eureka Montana Police Department and Admitted to having access to the email that sent my Death Threat.

Judge Robin Clute ruined my business, endangered my life and has subjected me to a years worth of torture and why? Well to Protect the Rampant Corruption in Ravalli County Montana and In Lincoln County Montana. To Protect Ravalli County Attorney George Corn and Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy and the Corrupt Sheriff Anderson and Cronie Roby Bowe.

So Did Ravalli County Attorney ORDER Judge Robin Clute to Suppress My Voice.. and was this connected to the Keeping the Criminal Activities of Georg Corn Secret, Connected to the TRUTH that was Being Spread on local justice blog and

Did Ravalli County Attorney George Corn Pay Sean Boushie to Attack me for over a Year Now? And How does this Involve the University of Montana, why did they ignore my Please for Help? Did Montana Law Enforcement Convince the University of Montana that I was acting illegal, was somehow in the wrong.. or being watched in connection to some Illusion they all made up to STOP me from writing the TRUTH about them on my Whistleblower Blog Network?

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