Sunday, July 4, 2010

US Magistrate approves Spreadbury case to go forward.

"" US Magistrate approves Spreadbury case to go forward.

as reported in the Bitterroot Star June 2, 2010
Defendants: Sheriff Chris Hoffman, Deputies Albright, Culgan, Hudson, Hochhalter, unnamed deputies, Ravalli County Attorney Corn, Fulbright, Wetzsteon, Attorney Matt Stevenson, Justice Jim Bailey, Regina Plettenberg, Ravalli Republic Newspaper, SAFE of the Bitterroot, Ravalli County, Officer Brad Weston, City of Hamilton.

47 counts of conspiracy to deprive civil rights, title of 42 US Code Annotated Section 1983. Actual damages $4 Million. Punitive damages to be set at trial (added to $4M).

MISREPORTED IN THE RAVALLI REPUBLIC AS "not decided". NEWSFLASH: an order from a Federal Judge is not undecided, it is the decision. See you in court.

alleged counts against Defendants: (summarized & Generalized)
Abuse of Process (this is when one pretends to do something right with ulterior motive)
Equal Protection, 14th Amendment (not treating equally)
Malicious Prosecution (prosecuting person without probable cause, generally)
Negligent Supervision and Training (law enforcement units in Bitterroot Valley)
Constitutional Amendments 1, 4, 6, 8,14 ""

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