Saturday, June 5, 2010

YOU MIGHT BE A REAL AMERICAN... Lee Kierig - Hamilton Montana


...If you believe that ALL people - EVERYWHERE - are born with the fundamental RIGHT to freely choose their own creative experience, without fear of reprisal, judgment, coercion or cultural prejudice.

...IF you believe that ALL people - EVERYWHERE - are limited only by the essential tenets of "Responsible Liberty" do no harm to others in their domain of a chosen experience.

...IF you believe that ALL people - EVERYWHERE - have, as the sole keepers of the Public Trusts Domain, the reverent obligation to nurture, keep, steward and give to the essential elements of vital health, life, safety and welfare of the cultural value condition of humanity, ALL Life and EARTH, bound by Common Trust, Common Truth, Common Purpose, Common Aide and Common Destiny. (Jefferson)

...IF you believe that ALL people - EVERYWHERE - are charged with the reverent obligation to recognize and hold near the plain fact that there are no "free rights" of usury in the Public Trusts Domain, clearly owned by NO ONE and EVERYONE.

...IF you believe that ALL people - EVERYWHERE - must acknowledge the plain fact that our EARTH is clearly limited and, as thus, while presenting finite offerings, that the continued expansion beyond sustainable limits NOW, of world population plainly stands opposed to the mandate of obligation to protect the vitally essential Domain of Public Trusts that ensures a SUSTAINABLE future for all coming generations.

...IF you believe that ALL people - EVERYWHERE - must recognize the plain fact the ALL LOVING GOD equally blesses everyone and no one...favors everyone and no one...and that what holds TRUE for the individual is inward and personal - the right to freely choose, keep and hold in their personally intrinsic value - WITHOUT forcing or pushing it upon others through instruments of fear, coercion, threats of subjugation, prejudice, malice, vile aggression or empty promises of "kingdoms in heaven"...ONLY WE are responsible to our irreverent selfish behavior...

ONLY WE are responsible for the condition of pervasive suffering...ONLY WE are responsible for the degradation, despoliation and destruction of our lands, waters, atmospheres, places, eco-systems, sublime creatures and social health conditions.

We are plainly trashing ALL that has been made and freely given (against all logic and reason) by The ONE PERFECT who only implores, beckons and pleads to our long overdue arising to the NOBLE CAUSE to finally rise above the meager and shallow belief system concocted by the hand of cave-brained human malpractice focused only on material gain, power schemes, corporeal interests, veiled agendas to filch wealth and domination strategies guised as "my rightful purpose" - "my right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" - "my [gawd-given] right" - "good for community" - "in our best interest" and all the rest of it.

...what's it gonna be, everyone? shall we breed until we're like rats in a box? shall we continue skinning our EARTH until she's been made over real good and perty-like with a smear of oily discharges, pollution, the stench of waste, poisons and noxious fumes, perhaps? What is our reverent OBLIGATION NOW? Might we reach into the very substance, character and foundation of who we are and relish becoming and aspired humanity?

Isn't it OUR time? Might we finally throw off the old and tattered coat we've been wearing for eons...showing off our medals of conquest, our faces of many fronts - manufacturing virtual ground, with our pockets and carpet bags jammed full of trinkets, blood money and salvation booty for all to see? Wherein lies a more Noble Purpose than what clearly beckons and is plainly incumbent upon ALL of us NOW?

Where, indeed, is the INFINITE LOVE in what we do?

Lee Kierig

Hamilton, Mt...where we have no a state that has no a country that has no a World that, indeed, has...NO...PLAN. "

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