Friday, May 28, 2010

Montana Department of Revenue - Montana Property Appraisal - Montana Recall

If anyone knows anything about this tax fraud business, can you share it? Thank you.

You may want to remind everyone to pay their taxes under protest and file an appeal for 2010 by June 1st also so their due process rights are not compromised.

Also, we are reminding EVERYONE to go to website and print down the Petition (under the topic of "Join the Effort to Recall Gov. Schweitzer."

Please acquire as many signatures as you can -- there is room for 24 signatures per page (instructions are included) -- and property tax FRAUD affects each and everyone of us who owns property.

Here is a brief overview of the nature of the RECALL PETITION taken from the March 17, 2010 Press Release:

We, the undersigned qualified electors of the State of Montana, per the provisions of MCA 2-16-603, respectfully petition that an election be held as provided by law on the question of whether Brian Schweitzer, holding the office of Governor, should be recalled for official misconduct for the following reasons:

(1) Conspiracy per MCA 45-4-102 with the Department of Revenue with the intent to defraud property owners of approximately $48 million in property taxes

(2) Increasing property valuation and property taxes without legislative authority, exceeding the authority of the executive branch of the State of Montana per Article III, Section I of the Constitution of the state of Montana

(3) Arbitrary and capricious property value increases of approximately $3.5 billion by manipulating the property valuation computer program, resulting in unequal taxation of property owners in violation of Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution of the State of Montana, the Equal Protection requirement of the Constitution. ""

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