Monday, April 12, 2010

Hamilton Montana News - Top 10 reasons not to vote Hoffman for Sheriff in Ravalli County: Montana Political News

"" 10. Hoffman is never available: A Sheriff is not voicemail activated.

9. Hoffman is not independent of County Attorney, Judges:
this does not protect your rights, or let the Sheriff work for you or your family.

8. The four (4) Detention Center suicides in 2005 were on Hoffman’s watch.

7. Hike at your own risk:
Hoffman’s recovery of lost hikers is dismal. Search & rescue are not to blame.

6. Boaters needlessly die every year in high water accidents on the Bitterroot River: Hoffman does not protect us.

5. Hoffman’s Deputies aren’t trained well enough to know the difference between misdemeanor and felony warrant execution; or when or how to use force.

4. Felony theft of 40,000 rounds of ammunition by Hoffman’s Sgt, and Felony partner assault by Hoffman’s former Undersheriff who was rehired as a Deputy. All under the watchful eye, and demonstrated leadership of Sheriff Chris Hoffman of Ravalli Co.

3. Deliberate indifference of 2000 Florence murders under Hoffman’s direction from 2002 to 2010; even with national spotlight of America’s Most Wanted.

2. Sheriff Chris Hoffman is lead Defendant for millions in civil liability to Ravalli County by incompetent leadership, and at times intentionally violating protected civil rights. We all pay for Chris Hoffman’s mistakes and his violations to the oath of office.

1. Hoffman’s deputies voted no confidence in his abilities before the 2006 election, in 2007, 75 voters signed a recall of Hoffman in Ravalli County.

It’s time for a new Sheriff, Bitterroot Valley. We are not safe with Hoffman in office. ""

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