Thursday, January 28, 2010

Filmaker Nicholas Holthaus Says "What the Hell is Going on in Montana?" - a NEW Documentary on Corrupt Courts in Montana.

Montana Corrupt Courts
a New Documentary on the Corruption in Montana
is Ready for you Buy.

This Feature Length Documentary Called "Beneath the Beauty" is a taste of the Kind of Corruption that Montanans face on a daily basis. Though this Film is mainly focused on Hamilton Montana, the issues are very real to all of us in Montana.

I am a fourth generation Montana Gal and I have seen this kind of Corruption, Ignoring of Victims Rights, Court Set Ups, the Code Blue, and outright attack on the Civil and Human Rights of Montana citizens all the way up to the Montana Supreme Court.

Buy this DVD and find out what is REALLY "Beneath the Beauty" in Northwest Montana and get a Glimpse into the kind of injustice and corruption we are up against where the Rule of Law Does Not seem to apply and Where Truth is No Defense.
Montana Corrupt Courts

Chris Valentine
Nicholas Holthaus
Crystal Cox Blogger
Crystal L. Cox, Crystal Cox Montana, Crystal Cox Eureka

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