Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Newspapers Lie to You - People Get Hurt.. Physicall and Financially - Demand Accountability from Newspapers

What if We the People Sue Major Newspaper Chains in our Area, such as the Lee Newspaper Chain in My Area, a Class Action Lawsuit for their Lies and Propaganda that got you into Real Estate Debt, that got you into bad financial situations, lied to you about area crimes, wrote fraudulent stories about citizens and businesses for political or financial motive and basically just treated the Citizens Minds as play dough in which they had all the power and control.

You read their newsprint, with No Accountability for what they write as actually being true and you believe it over the actual people who were actually there at that particular event.

Why is this? I mean they start a paper, print what they want.. Politicians and Local Muckity Mucks pay them to promote or HUSH certain news... and this is their business... kind of like making a Deal with the Devil.

Big Media Feeding you Spoonfulls of Gibberish, Flat Out Lies, Misleading you on Gas and Oil, Lying about why we are at war, and in the small towns lying ... creating news to make certain people look like the bad guys when in FACT they are the GOOD guys, people ... MOST still believe the news.. especially in Small Towns...

Stop Big Media News Chains like the Lee Newspaper Chain from controlling what you get to know, controlling your perception of reality, setting you up, lying about you ... keep you down and profiting HUGE from it....

Don't Buy their Papers, don't advertise in Big Media Cartel ... Don't Click on Ads on their Websites..

Stop THEM from Feeding you Bull and Keeping you in the Dark.....

These Newspaper Chains SHOULD not get a FREE PASS to lie, while at the same time you Rant at Me because you think what i am saying is NOT true, though it is. You throw a fit at me saying where do i get my information, is there any fact to it... Yet you Don't ask this of the Big Newspaper Chains or your Local News, Why?

Time to let the Newspapers Know that you will No Longer Accept their Twisted Version of Reality, their Flat Out Lies, their Misleading Gibberish and Well you are DONE supporting THEM.....

Bloggers are the News, Bloggers are the New Journalists, Bloggers are telling you what is really going on in a particular town and newspapers are Old News long - long before they hit the stands.

Your Ad Dollars are Wasted in these Newspapers as Well. In this Economy, in this Day and Age the Internet is Where you Need to Be and not feeding the insatiable appetite of Newsprint and the Big Media Cartel.

Write on Our Blogs... Get Heard... Let's Get the Real News to "We The People"

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