Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Law Enforcement get Free Pass

In a Sheriff Department where the Undersheriff has problems keeping his fist off his wife, we get delays in justice. Why is it that a law man or woman is innocent until proven inocent in Montana? Do these people have special laws that govern their activity? Do we as citizens needs to mine up some Kryptonite to break this system?

The Ravalli County Sheriff Department (RCSO) has a problem keeping public property public. They have reportedly stolen more than 15, 000 rounds of ammunition, and some weapons. If you or I did that, we would already be serving a minimim of 5 years in prison for a felony theft. The RCSO likes to slap people on the wrist, and re-shuffle their people so nothing will change.

Do these people not realize that they work for and supposedly serve the public?

When I asked to meet with the Sheriff, he made sure to ask my live in girfriend if "she were OK" so he could rescue her from me. How is this sheriff rescuing the public from his deputies?

This episode in injustice merely shows how the Attorney General and law enforcement operate on a different justice system than the People they serve. Montana will have no justice (we are already 48th in the nation for justice) when our law enforcement are given a green light to abuse their spouses, and steal from the public. This is why we need candidates for office who will not tolerate these actions by our law enforcement.

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