Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Comment on the "Valley Viewpoint" written by Michael Spreadbury

Comment by Roland Lamar - Hamilton Montana - Regarding Michael Spreadbury

"Michael Spreadbury

I am glad I read the Valley Viewpoint by Mr. Spreadbury, Hamilton mayoral candidate, as it has assured me of one thing, he will not get my vote.

He questions “why are these officers carrying other lethal weapons in a locale were lethal situations are not around every corner?”

I fail to understand the logic there. Are police only to be armed when in gang or drug infested areas? He also goes on to state that ‘any human being has a voice, a conscience (except sociopaths).”

Rightly so, but it is because of sociopaths and psychopaths who we see all to often in the news, That we have well armed police, granted there are a few overzealous law officers and they should be re-trained or relieved of duty, but I know whose side I am on. In my humble opinion, I believe the city deserves better potential leaders.

Roland Lamar

Hamilton "
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